Thanks for dropping by my website.

My journey here to being a business strategist and business energetics based coach has been spiral like. There's been a lot of trial and error in my journey and it has all lead me here.

I've never been more on purpose and aligned to soul than I am in this business (muscle tests at 100%) , with this branding, with this business model (ever evolving) and I want the same for you.

I want your soul-led business to thrive at the level it's designed to.

I believe firmly that if we were all soul aligned, all listened to our higher selves and our intuition that all the problems in the world would dissolve, as we eradicate all the false beliefs, all the lack, and everyone knows who they are and what they are here to contribute.

It's a vision of earth I'll never see in my lifetime and I'm okay with that. We have to start somewhere.

And so do you.

The next level of your business is waiting for you, and it needs clarity to be birthed, to actualise, to thrive.

If it feels aligned, I'm here for it and you. Lets get specific to create the masculine structure it needs, and let's go wide to work out and enhance the impacts of all the areas of your life and capacity on your business.

My background is a therapist. I trained as an Occupational Therapist and worked in areas as diverse as rehabilitation, palliative care, mental health, chronic pain, workplace rehabilitation and corporate health.

While I was studying I had my initiation into the world of energy. I did a reiki course and felt the energy immediately switch on in my hands. I had an awareness of "I'm good at this". It came from out of the blue. So I kept learning, I did short courses on energy modalities and NLP until I found holistic kinesiology and dived in fully.

In 2006 newly married and pregnant with my first child, I opened my first private practice in Kinesiology and mental health Occupational Therapy in Brisbane. Over time I grew it to a full practice.

From there I studied life coaching, and decided to be a business coach for solopreneurs. I did group programs and then at some point it stopped feeling aligned. I switched to leadership coaching, then back to life coaching under the tagline of "Your soul aligned life". I dived deeper into my trauma therapy modalities at this point, wanting to be able to work with any level of trauma. I studied modalities such as EMDR and somatics and self taught myself modalities such as IFS- parts work. I worked and still work with past lives, generational trauma, this life trauma and anything else that impacted within "the field".

Through all of this traversing, I learned so much about marketing and sales as well as energetics by doing a bunch of trainings. I tried things that failed because they were not aligned or I didn't have the capacity to pull them off. I tried things that worked. When life got intense as as single parent of two children I was able to rely on steady word of mouth to keep my business going, even when I didn't have the capacity to run programs or grow the profile of the business.

My business has always had my back.

With each step I was honing my intuition and my awareness and my skills while also getting to know what worked for me. I began communicating directly with souls and higher selves of the person in front of me, as a way of working.

I'd always had some clients come to me for business or leadership team energetics, and these were the clients that were often the most fun to work with. I found all that business and marketing strategy coming back to me- not from a formulaic mind space, but from an intuitive communication from the spirit of the soul led business itself and the soul of the person.

Magic began to happen, between the business, the soul of the person and my intuitive clarity we were able to move the businesses forward in an aligned direction.

I'd love to help you with your business too.
My coaching is mostly 1 to 1 as I believe in bespoke and soul aligned strategy.

The process is simple. Book in for a free quick soul alignment and business assessment. If it's a match we talk about coaching from there.

Most clients come for a minimum of six session package. ($2400 AUD- approximately $1580 USD at Feb 2024)

Individual sessions are available at a higher rate than the packages. ($450 Australian Dollars)

The highest level support with full voxer/text support and micro sessions as required in addition to two sessions a month is $10047 Australian dollars for 10 months (can be spread over up to 14 months).

Full executive team support is available - cost is dependent upon team members and services needed,

You can book a call here.

I look forward to connecting to you and your soul.

Office: Worldwide online or Sunshine Coast Australia

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