Spirit of Business Immersion

Spirit of Business Immersion- Applications Open Now! (from 20th of January 2024)

Book a call to apply.

  • Understand the next steps your business and soul want you to take. Get in alignment fast.

  • Release your blocks to your capacity to move forward, attract and retain money.

  • Get answers to your practical decisions on how to market your business, systems and procedures, strategies etc.

  • Make decisions quicker with more ease.

  • Attract soul aligned clients.

  • Receive clarity from Leigh’s intuition and gain training to strengthen your own intuition.

  • Connect to the spirit of your business and hear its messages.


  • Small group only (6-12 participants)

  • Minimum 6 months commitment

  • 4 zoom calls a month (approx. weekly)


Week 1- Weekly content call

Topics such as

  • Ideal client and audience building

  • Messaging and Medium (platform)

  • Creations - Programs - Pricing

  • Smashing through Money blocks and set points

  • Bare minimum marketing

  • Next level Identity

Week 2-

Q & A (Attend live or send in your questions and I’ll answer them)

Week 3- Group energy shift addressing ALIGNMENT and CAPACITY and BLOCKS TO MOVING FORWARD


Week 4-

Q&A (Attend live or send in your questions and I’ll answer them)


Are the calls recorded?

Yes all the calls will be recorded.  The content calls and group energy shift will be uploaded into a secure members area.  Q and A’s will stay in the facebook group. If a question addresses a personal issue you can ask if the recording be stopped or deleted.

How many people in the group?

Member numbers will fluctuate as people enter and leave the group, but the group will stay definitely under 12 and ideally 6-9 members.  I keep it small because I want this space to be confidential, safe and to address your individual needs as well as address group themes.  This makes the shifts transformational and rapid.

Why is this application only?

I use a muscle test to see if the program is in alignment for you at this time.  It’s not in integrity for me or in your highest good if it’s not the right time or the right program.

Is there a minimum commitment?

Yes, there is a minimum commitment of six months.  Following this you may be invited to continue on a monthly subscription or purchase another six months at a discounted rate.

What's the investment?

The investment is $1600 AUD upfront. (Discounted from total $1845 on payment plans)

Payment plans are a deposit of $500 which includes a full 1.5hr session with me at the start of the program- then 5 x months at $269 a month.

Existing clients who don't want the extra session are six months at $269 a month or upfront $1397.

Bonus's - Free 30 minute session at any point in the program or for 2 months after completion of the program.

A library of resources to support capacity and marketing including meditations, journaling prompts, templates.

*Prices in Australian dollars.

What happens if I need to leave the program?

The program is non-refundable unless you close your business or become so unwell you are unable to operate your business.  In this case the refund will be the value of unused months, minus initial session cost ($400), minus administration fees (This offer is not required by law and as such is a good will gesture and will be non-negotiable.)

I already have a successful business; will this program suit me?

Yes.  We work with where you are at and aim to get you to the next level. There’s no cap on that, it’s always an alignment and capacity issue and we can get specific about exactly the changes your business needs. Having said that, if you want a more exclusive experience consider the 1;1 sessions or a combination of both.

I don’t feel ready yet for the program, should I wait?

I suggest you jump on a free call and we can see if it's right for you now or might be right for you in the future.

Why don’t you promise me 6 or 7 figure months/years?

No one can deliver that for you because it depends on your capacity, alignment, money beliefs, money flow and execution level.  It’s out of integrity for me to make promises I can’t keep.  

I’m a practitioner I don’t want to become a marketer or build a online program.  Will this program suit me?

Whether your goal is to fill your practice, or to grow an online business this program can work with both of those goals.  I’ve done both and we will work with your soul’s desires and the spirit of your business about what format it wants to be and how big it’s able to grow with your current capacity.