Let me help you create a life in alignment with your soul so that you can find the answers within to make decisions, gain clarity and create your soul aligned desires. I invite you to book a strategy session or connect to the soul aligned life community via email, Instagram or Facebook.

  • “From working with Leigh I have learnt that when I do what I truly want to do then the pieces will fall into place easily. I have learnt how to put myself first and support myself and my health, while working towards the bigger picture with my business. Leigh assisted me to make the mindset and systems shifts to move my business from a time for money business to trusting employees in my business. This has allowed me to step back in my business whilst still bringing in income and growing my business.
    Jaya McIntyre- Empire Art Photography
  • Leigh’s keen intuition, coupled with amazing insight and extensive knowledge and skill as a practitioner make her an invaluable coach. Leigh is also incredibly dedicated to the personal growth of her clients, as well as her own, and this drives her uncanny ability to be challenging, yet still caring, in her coaching. She works hard and expects you to do the same. Her knowledge, support, humour and unrelenting belief in her clients have proven to be an unbeatable combination, and have assisted me to make the kind of changes in my life and career that I once thought impossible.
    Alethea Athanasiov
  • “There are no words to express my deep gratitude for the wonderful journey I'm on Leigh and how wonderful it is that the Universe has brought us together - love it! I feel more confident and reassured about the path before me and looking forward to taking my business to new heights - I now know it is real and all things are possible and thankfully those little niggles of doubt or fear are simply little itches that I don't have to scratch.”
    Wendy James- Wordsmith and Copywriter