Bespoke business mediumship and strategy

Let's begin with a free chat with you and the spirit of your business


Did you know your business has its own spirit? The growth of your business depends on you- your energy capacity, your alignment with it. The spirit of the business and its creations each have their own intelligence- it can guide you to it's success. For this to happen you need to be aligned to soul, and aligned with the business.

This is where I come in. We clear the way to this alignment and communicate with the business to create a bespoke business strategy that will work for your lifestyle, energy capacity and unique skills and gifts.

How sessions work...

We tune into the spirit of your higher self and soul and the spirit of your business. We look at your next steps, on your goals/ targets, on what needs to change and what is ready to come in. We may look at issues as varied as your capacity for money flow, and holding clients/ team, your business model, ideal client, messaging, marketing, pricing, distribution channels, social media and funnel/web strategy.

We go from the soul to the practical, setting action steps, getting you and the business in flow towards your combined purpose.  This is business coaching on steroids- expect rapid shifts.  Let's get the blocks in you and your business out of the way so you can shine together. 

Work with me

I’m an intuitive business medium and strategist with a 20 year background in therapy and coaching.

Here’s how I can help

Bespoke Coaching for you & your business

With a background in individual Coaching and Therapy I'm a firm believer that group coaching programs can't compare to 1;1 for rapid transformation. You need an individualised approach because you are an individual with gifts, a purpose and a capacity that is unique to you.

Because of this my coaching is mainly individual, with some small group masterminds and short skill development courses.

Marketing strategy: Grow your business to the next level

We work with the spirit of your business, your genius and. your capacity to design a bespoke strategy for your business. Online, offline, lead generation and sales strategies strategy that is 100% aligned. We look at everything from ideal client, marketing message, social media strategy and online strategy.

Client Testimonials

Some love words from clients

Leigh has been a paramount figure in the growth and continuity of my business. She’s help me to maintain focus on what matters, to grow my capacity to share more of what I love with those who also need it, and to listen to the needs of my business and myself. With her support, I am teaching the medicine that I love to other practitioners and supporting the community that I love with programs that makes sense and honour my business and my genius.


Aubri Hathaway

Systemic Arts Educator

Every session brings massive clarity which moves me forward so much faster than I could do on my own.

Erica B

Wellness professional

Office: Worldwide by zoom

Sunshine coast Australia

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